How do I pay?

You pay with iDeal or with your credit card. You always pay in advance. The payments you make to DPD go through Ayden.


What does it cost to send a parcel via a Pickup parcel shop?

The rate depends on the weight and the destination. You will find an overview of the rates here. The surcharge for remote areas is listed here.


How do I pay for the DPD parcel label?

You pay for the parcel label via iDeal or with your credit card.



How can I get a parcel label?

You receive these in your mailbox when you have paid. You may also download them to your DPD account.


Can I print a parcel label at a Pickup parcel shop?

Unfortunately, no. You have to print the label yourself and stick it on your parcel. You then take it to a Pickup parcel shop.


Is DPD able to pick up my parcel at my home?

No, you have to take your parcel to a Pickup parcel shop yourself. We are working on this so that you will be able to do this in the future.


Can I send a parcel to a Pickup parcel shop? 

Yes, you can send a parcel from a Pickup parcel shop to another Pickup parcel shop. Using the Pickup Finder, you will find all the Pickup parcel shops in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. 


How large and heavy may a parcel be?

A parcel may weigh a maximum of 20 kilograms. Its dimensions may not be larger than 100 (L) x 50 (W) x 50 (H) (in cm). This arrangement has been agreed internationally with all Pickup parcel shops so that they don’t have to process very large or heavy parcels in their shops.


How long is a DPD parcel label valid?

Once printed, a parcel label has to be used within 10 calendar days.


Are there items that I cannot send?

There are certain things that we may not or cannot transport. These include live animals, weapons, valuable items (e.g. antiques and money), perishable items, fragile items (such as sculptures or bottles of wine) and hazardous substances. For a complete overview, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions.


With what requirements do parcels need to comply?

Make sure the parcel is packed properly and securely sealed with tape. The parcel must be tear-resistant and must not leak. Make sure also that the parcel contents are unable to slide about inside the parcel. The complete shipment instructions are available on our website


Where can I find a Pickup parcel shop?

You can find a Pickup parcel shop near you using with the Pickup Finder



Can I also send postal items with DPD?

Unfortunately, no. DPD only sends parcels and not postal items. If you send something in the post, it can go through the letterbox. DPD only sends parcels that are packaged in a box or something similar and which cannot go through the letterbox.


Can I also send a parcel outside Europe?

You can only send parcels within Europe via www.pakkettenversturen.nl. Business customers with a DPD contract can also send items beyond Europe. If you would like more information about the benefits of a contract, then please leave your details on zakelijk.dpd.nl/pakkettenversturen and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Can I also send a registered parcel?

Only documents that fit through the letterbox may be sent registered. DPD does require a signature for receipt of each parcel.


How many postage stamps do you need to send a parcel?

When you send a parcel, you do not pay with postage stamps. When you have filled in all your details on www.www.pakkettenversturen.nl, you pay online to send your parcel.   Our rates are displayed here.


Will DPD come to me and collect parcels to send?

No, to send your parcel you have to hand it in yourself at a Pickup parcel shop. However, it will soon be possible to instruct DPD to collect parcels from you for payment on the next working day. 

If you have a company and want to send multiple parcels every day, which we come and collect from you, then please contact us on this contact form.


Do I receive a proof of shipment?

You will receive shipment instructions with the parcel label. This also includes the number of parcels and the parcel numbers of your shipment. This document may be signed for you by the Pickup parcel shop. This is your proof of shipment.


Is my parcel insured?

Your parcel is insured against damage and loss in accordance with AVC terms and conditions. The General Terms and Conditions contain more information about compensation. It’s not possible to insure your parcel for a higher value.




Do I have to register?

No, you do not have to register. However, this does have a number of benefits. For example, you don’t have to fill in your details each time for every parcel shipment; you can upload the details for multiple parcel labels at the same time, use your own address book and you will have a convenient overview of all your shipments.

What is the difference between sending as a private individual or as a business user?

If you send a parcel as a business user, your own name is not in the e-mail to the recipient, but the name of your company. Your company name is also on the parcel label. 




Can I send a parcel to a PO box address?

No, you cannot send any parcels to PO box addresses, freepost numbers and NAPO addresses. In addition, a number of postal code areas are excluded from the DPD Shipping Service or there is a Remote Area surcharge. An overview of these postal code areas is on our Website 


Is it possible to send a parcel to an address on an island?

Most islands are excluded from the DPD Shipping Service; for certain islands, there is a Remote Area surcharge. Our website gives you a list of post codes that are excluded from shipment or for which a Remote Area surcharge applies.


How long will it take for my parcel to reach its final destination?

That depends on the country to which you are sending your parcel. Our website gives you the expected average time it takes per country. Please note that this period runs from the moment the parcel is picked up by the DPD driver in the Pickup parcel shop. We are unable to specify in advance what time this will be because it is different each day.
Parcels to islands may take longer.  


To which destinations can I send a parcel?

 You can send your parcels to addresses in the Netherlands and Europe via a Pickup parcel shop. You can have your parcel delivered to a home address or a Pickup parcel shop. For a full list of all destinations, see the price list. 

It isn’t possible to send a parcel to a PO box address, freepost number or an address on certain islands. For a list of excluded destinations and destinations to which a Remote Area surcharge applies, see our website.


Why do I have to fill in a recipient's e-mail address?

We use our Predict service to keep the recipient informed about the day of delivery. Without an e-mail address, we are unable to communicate with them.




How does the recipient know that a parcel is on its way home?

As soon as you create the parcel label, the recipient receives an e-mail or text that a parcel is on its way. Using our Predict service, on the day before we actually deliver the parcel, the recipient will receive an e-mail with the scheduled delivery date. Here they can insert other delivery instructions, if any. This can be done up to one hour before delivery. The options that may be selected are:

  • Delivery on a different date
  • Delivery to a different address
  • Delivery to a Pickup parcel shop
  • Giving permission to leave the parcel in a safe place

In addition, the recipient can also track their parcel live on the day of delivery. This way they can see exactly how many stops the driver still has to make before the parcel is delivered to him.


How do I know when a parcel has been delivered?

DPD works with track and trace. You can always trace your parcel using the parcel number on www.dpd.nl. The parcel’s track record shows whether it has been delivered.


Does DPD work with track and trace?

You can trace the parcel online via www.dpd.nl using the parcel number. 



What happens if the parcel cannot be delivered?

Is the recipient refusing the parcel? Or can the parcel not be delivered for other reasons? Then we return the parcel to you. You will not be charged for this, but you cannot recover the shipping costs.


What should I do if my parcel is damaged or not delivered?

Please phone our Customer Service department on 0900-3734663 (€ 0.50 per call). In order to help you as quickly as possible, keep the parcel number to hand. We are available on Mondays to Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.