Just want to send a parcel?

Then you need to go to DPD! Whether you want to send your parcel within the Netherlands or within Europe, your parcel is in good hands with DPD. We always offer you a complete service at a competitive rate. Prepare your parcel for shipment on-line in just a few simple steps. It's so easy!


The benefits of sending your parcels with DPD:

  • Sending parcels up to 20 kilos can be easily arranged.
  • We have a large network of Pickup parcel shops, where you can collect and deliver parcels. There’s always one nearby! You don't want to bring your parcels yourself? No problem! We can pick up one or more parcels at your home for a small surchage of € 5.95 per order.
  • Track and trace means you will always know where your parcel is.
  • With Predict, the recipient can see precisely where and when the parcel is being delivered. And they can change this information if necessary.
  • Including proof of delivery (except ParcelLetter, mailbox delivery)
  • You can create an account, but you don’t have to.

    Do you want to send business parcels? Then click on www.pakkettenversturen.nl/zakelijk for more information.


Sending parcels

Sending a parcel with DPD is very easy. You can get your parcel ready for shipment on-line yourself in just a few easy steps. You don’t have to create an account, but it may be useful to do so. By using an account, you can easily create and manage an address book. You can also view all your shipments and upload the parcel data.


How exactly does pakkettenversturen.nl work?

With just a couple of actions, your parcel can be on its way.

  • You enter the recipient's details.
  • You select where the parcel is to be delivered. This can be to the recipient’s home or to a Pickup parcel shop, where the recipient can collect the parcel when it suits them.
  • You enter your own details.
  • You pay on-line with iDeal or credit card.
  • You print the shipping label and stick it on your parcel.
  • Also print the deposit slip so this can be signed in the Pickup parcelshop.
  • You hand in the parcel at a Pickup parcel shop or we collect it for a small surcharge at your home.


Clarity on the move

Is your parcel on its way? Using our track & trace, you can continue to follow your shipment until it reaches its destination.



Your customer can make use of all the conveniences of Predict. The day before delivery, the customer receives a message to say that they may expect their parcel the following day. On the morning of the day of delivery, they will receive a second message stating the hour within which the parcel will be delivered.  On-line they can see exactly how many stops the driver still needs to make before the parcel is delivered and, if necessary, they can change the place or time of delivery. So, always informed and yet flexible!


Making sure the shipment is safe

At DPD we give special attention to your parcel. That’s why we created shipment instructions in which you can read exactly what you need to remember. For example, they give you more information about the maximum size and weight of your parcel and you also get tips on the correct form of packaging.